The Brenner Corridor

The Brenner Corridor is one of the most loaded international transit corridor, where - on a length of only 448 km between Munich and Verona - three countries and thus railway infrastructures and the Alps (inclination Brenner north ramp 26 ‰) have to be bridged. In order to ensure a further increase of the international rail freight transport, both conventional rail and intermodal, the Brenner Action Plan was adopted in December 2002. The identified research and demonstration activities have been transferred into BRAVO Project.
  • BRAVO will lay foundations for achieving a significant and sustainable increase in intermodal volume on the Brenner corridor
  • BRAVO is designed as a blueprint applicable to other European corridors
The BRAVO-Project involves key players active in rail freight and particular combined transport services on the Corridor and has established working groups with all stakeholders. Corridor management is performed by an open and flexible platform model while maintaining and improving the business relations between partners.
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