Union Internationale des sociétés de transport combiné Rail-Route (UIRR) s.c.r.l., Bruxelles (BE)

UIRR was founded in 1970 and has a link office in Brussels since 1988. The objective of the association is to represent the interests of combined transport. In this respect, the association provides advice and expertise to the European Union and other supranational organizations such as ECMT, CEN.... The UIRR has submitted major contributions to the EC transport policy on liberalizing the rail freight market, particularly how to accelerate the liberalisation by proposing measures on how to implement practical progress. UIRR is a customer driven organisation as more than thousand transport and logistic companies are shareholders of member companies, directly representing customer needs. UIRR's role is also to promote cooperation between operators and other actors in the transport chain and to push European harmonisation.
UIRR has been project coordinator in more than 30 PACT projects including the project "Quality Strategy" and is also participating in the new Marco Polo programme with the projects INSECTT (security on CT terminals) and SINGER (Ljubljana as gateway terminal). In participating in the European Framework programme, the UIRR has acquired an immense knowledge in European research projects such as CESAR 1 & 2, EUTP. In the 6th programme, the UIRR has joined the BRAVO and the TREND consortium.
UIRR has a constant interest to improve rail quality and enhance railway efficiency which is a major contribution to intermodal transport total quality and efficiency.
The UIRR currently groups 20 Combined Transport Operators. UIRR members are daily shifting the loading units of 10 000 trucks to rail on average distances of 720 km, representing yearly 2.5 Mio. consignments or 5.5 Mio. TEU.

UIRR Person in charge of the project:
Mr. Martin Burkhardt, Director General

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