Rail Traction Company (RTC) S.p.A., Roma (IT)

RTC is a young railway undertaking and obtained licence n° 4 from Ministero dei Trasporti e della Navigazione on 23 June 2000. It is a joint-stock company endowed with a capital of € 7,15 million. Shareholders are Società Trasporti su Rotaia (STR) which is controlled by Autostrada del Brennero, Ferrotramviaria, Reset, SAE, Fercam (both are logistical service providers) and since january 2004 Railion. With the foundation of RTC in the year 2000, the shareholders pursue the objective to achieve a significant relief of congested roads from trucks, especially on the trans-Alpine Brenner corridor, by establishing reliable and sustainable rail transport services.
Almost from the beginning RTC has been developing the traction services in close cooperation with the München-based Lokomotion. They decided to develop a rail traction supply on the link München-Verona. To distinguish from the existent services RTC and Lokomotion positioned this product as a high-quality service. As mentioned above (cf. Lokomotion GmbH) the partners took up their first services in October 2001, which has considerably been expanded since.

Rail Traction Company Person in charge of the project:
Mr. Francesco Grotti, Head of Marketing
and Sales

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