Railion Deutschland AG, Mainz (DE)

Since September 1, 2003 Railion, the former DB Cargo AG, is the rail carrier within the Stinnes AG which is the freight and logistics division within the Deutsche Bahn group. Railion is a strong European rail carrier and provides rail carrier services to other Stinnes Business segments and to external forwarders who want neutral access to Railion as a carrier. With the four railways Railion Nederlands, Railion Denmark, Railion Italy and Railion Deutschland the business unit Railion has a staff of approximately 25,500 employees. The annual revenue of Railion is about 2.83 billion Euro. Railion owns 2,848 locomotives and 157,000 wagons of the own and private. The transport volume amounts to about 267.5 million tonnes, the performance to 83 billion tonn-km per year, of which approximately 60% are international shipments.
In 2005, Railion Deutschland conveyed a total volume of 16.5 billion tonn-km in combined transport. Besides the hinterland transport of maritime containers from and to the German sea ports, trans-alpine intermodal transport is the largest volume corridor.
In a co-operation with ÖBB and Trenitalia, Railion is the prevailing freight railway undertaking on the Brenner corridor. Jointly they organise and operate the production systems of conventional wagon-load traffic and sell these services themselves. In intermodal services on the Brenner corridor they primarily supply the traction service to intermodal operators. With respect to both business areas, each railway undertaking basically performs the rail traction service with own locomotives and own staff on the network of their country in question.
With effect from January 1st, 2003, former DB Cargo, ÖBB and Trenitalia Cargo have established the BrennerRailCargo (BRC) Alliance. The chief objective of this cooperation was the improvement of the quality and the efficiency of rail services on an operational level. At the beginning, each company has attributed two of its staff to this cooperation which is based in Innsbruck.
Based on the both wide and profound know-how of rail production systems, in this project Railion has the main focus on the following tasks:
· Leader - in co-operation with BRC partners - of activity 4 "Quality management system"
· Leader - in co-operation with BRC partners - of demonstrator DA4 "Demonstration of quality management system"
· Input of profound traction know-how into the development of an interoperable rail traction scheme (activity 3)
· One of the main collaborator to activity 5 "Advanced customer information system"
· Contribution to the elaboration of a medium-term development schedule of intermodal services in activity 6.

Railion Deutschland AG

Person in charge of the project:
Mr. Frank Weppner, BrennerRailCargo Alliance

(He is the Railion Deutschland project manager for developing the BRC alliance).

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