Ökombi Österreichische Gesellschaft für kombinierten Güterverkehr Ges.m.b.H & Co KG, Wien (AT)

Based on the initial idea of Austrian private transport business, ÖKOMBI was founded in 1983. The company's main objective is to organise combined transport chains from, to and through Austria and offers two business fields to their clients:
> accompanied transport (Rolling Road) with more than 1.500 fix places a day on 4 axes, the most important one is the Brenner - axes with the connections Manching - Brenner and Wörgl - Verona, where 2002 more than 142.000 trucks have been transported. In total the rolling road showed 367.115 shipments.
> unaccomanied transport, where 2002 out of totally 327.160 truck-load-shipments 50 % used the Brenner Corridor. In both business fields ÖKOMBI work close together with their UIRR-partners Cemat and Kombiverkehr and the national railways ÖBB, Railion Deutschland and Trenitalia, all of them members of the consortium as well.
Besides ÖKOMBI governs nearly 1.000 special wagons, mainly for the rolling road. It is not surprising, that ÖKOMBI with its turnover of 165,8 million Euro in 2002 is by far the biggest client of Austrian national railway ÖBB, contributing 20,9 % of the total tonnage volume of ÖBB in 2002 with a staff of only 65 employees.

Íkombi Person in charge of the project:
Dr. Herbert Peherstorfer, Head of Marketing

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