Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB), Wien (AT)

ÖBB is the Austrian national railway undertaking for freight and passenger traffic with a staff of approximately 48.000 employees within the total Management-Holding-Structure including the infrastructure departments. In 2001, the EGT amounted to 122 million Euro.
The ÖBB owns 1.163 locomotives which are operated by the traction division (ÖBB Traktion).
Rail Cargo Austria (RCA) is the freight operating and logistical services division of ÖBB. The conmpany achieved a total volume of 66.4 million tonne-kilometres, in 2001. Additionally, this ÖBB division is operating ten intermodal rail-road terminals all over in Austria.
In cooperation with Railion DE and Trenitalia Cargo, ÖBB operates rail freight and intermodal transport on the Brenner corridor. Hence, ÖBB is also a co-founder of the Brenner Rail Cargo Alliance.

ÖBB Person in charge of the project:
Mr. Georg Musyl, Head of Traction Services Innsbruck

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