Lokomotion Gesellschaft für Schienentraktion mbH, München (DE)

Lokomotion was established in January 2000 as a project company commissioned to analyze all the "whats" and "ifs" of an entry into the market for rail traction services on the Brenner corridor. After one year of exploration which also included the approval for a licensed railway undertaking and an cooperation agreement with the Italian independent railway undertaking RTC, finally it was decided to develop a rail traction supply on the link München-Verona. To distinguish from the existing services Lokomotion and RTC positioned this product as a high-quality service.
The partners inaugurated their first service, which is the operation of two daily intermodal block train services both ways (altogether 20 trains per week) between München and Verona, in October 2001. A major support to start the venture came from the European Commission since it elected Lokomotion and RTC for funding their project "High-quality intermodal rail service Germany-Italy via Austria operated by private railway undertakings" under the PACT programme. Meanwhile both partners have increased their traction volume to approx. 60 trains per week.
Despite - or may be, because of - the disadvantageous conditions for small railway undertakings, Lokomotion and RTC developed innovative rail traction and locomotive staff employment schemes. These schemes were a substantial prerequisite for their major success so far: they achieved to improve the rate of punctuality of intermodal services on the Brenner corridor significantly.

Person in charge of the project:
Claudia Fraticelli, Team Assistant

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