Kombiverkehr Deutsche Gesellschaft für kombinierten Güterverkehr mbh & Co KG, Frankfurt am Main (DE)

Kombiverkehr is one of the leading European intermodal operators. In 2005, the volume of shipments totalled to 812,520 truckload-equivalents (= 1.9 million TEU), of which more than 75 % were conveyed on international services. Kombiverkehr's core business is unaccompanied intermodal transport. To ensure road-competitive services both in terms of quality and cost, Kombiverkehr concentrates on block train services. In an effort to integrate the intermodal chain of transport, in recent years Kombiverkehr has extended the scope of business. It operates intermodal terminals in Germany and is setting up a fleet of special intermodal wagons, most of them are pocket wagons designed for the carriage of semitrailers.
The Brenner corridor is Kombiverkehr's most important international axis. In 2005, the transport volume amounted to more than 206.000 unaccompanied intermodal shipments. CEMAT and Ökombi are the business partners on this corridor.
In the 37 years of existence, Kombiverkehr has acquired a profound and comprehensive S&T knowledge in all fields of intermodal transport. KombiConsult

Person in charge of the project:
Mr. Konstantinos Papadopoulos, Head of Process Management

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