HaCon Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Hannover (DE)

Hacon established in April 1984 offers consulting, RTD, management and software services in the field of freight service and public transport. The basis for the positive development of the business activies - turnover is about 7,6 million Euro - lies in HaCon`s team of some 70 employees strongly committed to the corporate values. Transport engineers work together on a cross-disciplinary basis with IT specialists and industrial engineers. From the start, HaCon focused its activities on the freight sector, particularly supporting forwarders, railway undertakings and intermodal operators. HaCon works on a customer and project-oriented basis in cooperation with a network of local, national and international partners towards making the best use of and expanding of know-how.

HaCon Ing. GmbH Person in charge of the project:
Dr.-Ing. Marian Gaidzik, Managing Director

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