CEMAT S.p.A., Milano (IT)

CEMAT is an intermodal operator who has been organizing, managing and marketing intermodal rail-road services since 1979. In 2004, the transport volume amounted to 404,319 UIRR shipments. CEMAT has a staff of 270 employees. The company operates a fleet of approx. 2,500 wagons and manages 34 intermodal terminals in Italy, amongst them Verona Q.E. which is the most important transhipment centre on the Brenner corridor.

CEMAT provides for both a domestic and international network of intermodal rail-road services. The Brenner corridor is CEMAT's most important international axis; the company runs approx. 87 block trains per week transiting the Brenner. For the German-Italian intermodal traffic via Brenner, CEMATís business partner is Kombiverkehr, that is also participants of this project.

Cemat Person in charge of the project:
Dr. Silvia Rivolta, General Manager Assistant

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